Estate Planning Services

Reduce costs of ownership, increase income from resource-based enterprises, enhance property values, and preserve open space through strategic business planning. Taxation options include bargain sales and conservation easements. Ecological documentation provided for compliance with IRS regulations. The following projects represent a variety of clients EECOS has served.

Sand Pond - The numerous family members and the impending generational change made planning essential if this 2000-acre property was to remain intact. EECOS conducted a natural-resource inventory and presented planning options. Estate-planning issues included taxation questions and limited development as it related to maintaining the environmental integrity of this mostly unfragmented and ecologically diverse landscape. Planning and implementation has been ongoing for more than six years.

Early Sunrise Farm - Prepared a master plan indicating conservation areas, farmland and forestland, recreation and public-use areas, and residential subdivision for this 2400-acre property in Delaware County, NY. The basis for this analysis was a resource inventory that looked at sustainable land-use practices in relation to taxation issues and land suitability.

Cornwall Land Trust - Retained by the trust to work with a number of landowners on land conservation strategies. EECOS met with family members to provide overall options relating to taxation issues and division of assets to minimize property division, as well as preserving land as a working asset.