Complete forestry services include written management plans, timber inventory, timber sales, preparation of harvesting contracts, timber harvest layout, project oversight, timber trespass investigations, and Stewardship Incentive Programs.

The following are representative of EECOS’ forestry services:

Great Mountain Forest - This large working forest in northwest Connecticut undergoes an annual harvest of sawtimber and firewood. EECOS personnel have overseen the location, design, and implementation of these harvests for the past 12 years. Currently we are working on a new management plan for the entire 6,400 acre tract.

Steep Rock Association - Prepared a Stewardship Incentive Program 10-year management plan identifying timber values, recommended thinning regimes, and wildlife habitat improvement harvests for the more than 2,000 acre tract along the Shepaug River. Implementation of the plan has led to several improvement cuts, view cuts and wildlife openings. Additional work included stream bank stabilization and parking area construction for improved public access and water quality protection.

Early Sunrise Farm — Cruised and inventoried the 1,200 acres of woodland and open land in the Catskills to identify timber management and income potential. In addition, the study helped to give the property a high ranking for the purchase of conservation easements in order to protect New York City’s water supply. Identified and calculated substantial recent timber trespass losses, leading to a solution that saved the absentee owners from future losses.

Swigart Property - Marked and put out for sale 60,000 board feet of oak and mixed hardwood sawtimber on this 55-acre, family-owned woodlot in northwest Connecticut. Wildlife habitat improvement and income were the main objectives.