Land Use Feasibility/Planning Studies

Incorporates best-use environmental examination, including development siting and non-development alternatives such as farm and forest products and minerals. The following projects represent a variety of clients EECOS has served.

Bridgeport Hydraulic Company - Conducted an environmental feasibility study on the 530-acre Seymour Reservoir system in Oxford and Beacon Falls, CT. The company was considering removing the property from its reservoir system and was interested in land-use options and potential environmental impacts regarding economic development. Areas reviewed included timber management, agriculture, aquaculture, and commercial, resort, and residential development.

Trust for Public Land: Frost Valley YMCA - Examined the environmental implications of participation in the City of New York's watershed easement acquisition program. YMCA board members were concerned about tying up their future expansion options on the 4500-acre property. Working with TPL, EECOS developed a rationale for joining the program that balanced environmental and economic considerations.

Kent Hollow Farm - Analyzed product and environmental issues on this 1100-acre, family-owned farm, which includes nearly 600 acres of wetlands. Areas covered included forest products, mineral extraction, groundwater withdrawal, fish farming, vineyard creation, row cropping, and livestock. Market and management questions were considered in relation to potential environmental impacts. Estate-planning issues were also discussed.