Phase I/II/III Assessments for Transfer of Industrial Sites

Site description and history. Hazardous waste identification and remediation. Location of storage tanks, on-site wells, waste treatment, storm water runoff, utilities, etc. Evaluation of areas of environmental concern and cleanup strategies. The following projects represent a variety of clients EECOS has served.

Connecticut College
Conducted a campus-wide Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. Ninety-nine academic, administrative, and support buildings and faculty and student housing were inspected as part of this Phase I assessment. A related file search was conducted, as well as interviews with college personnel responsible for historical and current compliance with environmental regulations.

Connecticut Bus Company
This site in Hartford, CT had a history of commercial use going back nearly 200 years. EECOS performed a Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment relating to the property's historical and current function as a school-bus repair and maintenance facility. Of special interest were the nearly 20 underground storage tanks, some dating back to the 1940's.

Bicron Electronics Corporation

Undertook a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of this light manufacturing operation. This three-building site on eight acres is in a residential area and adjacent to the Blackberry River and Penn Central Railroad property.